Logitech G513 Software, Driver, Manual, Download, Install – The Logitech G513 is an excellent wired, full-size keyboard. This is an excellent option for players. It has personalized RGB backlighting, a comfortable wrist rest, and the responsive turn on our unit […]

Logitech G613 Software, Driver, Manual, Download, Wireless, Installation – The Logitech G613 is an excellent general pc gaming key-board. Its wireless layout is terrific if you wish to decrease the number of cords on your work desk. The proprietary Logitech […]

Logitech G510s Software, Driver, Download, Manual, Firmware – The G510s’ most pronounced attribute is its RGB backlighting. Whether your computer or peripherals are blue, green, grey, purple, orange, or you name it, this keyboard wants to match. This being an […]

Logitech K400 Software, Driver, Manual, Firmware, Download – The Logitech K400 Plus is a sub-par cordless key-board with an incorporated trackpad developed for PC-to-TV home entertainment objectives. The all-plastic board shows a lot of flex rather and also torsion, and […]

Logitech G213 Software, Drivers, Gaming Keyboards, Downloads, Manual – The Logitech G213 Prodigy is a big, hulking “mecha-dome” key-board designed to seem like a mechanical keyboard, yet without the excessively high price. At under $50 it’s rather inexpensive, yet flaunts […]