Logitech G613 Software Download Windows and Mac

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Logitech G613 Software, Driver, Manual, Download, Wireless, Installation – The Logitech G613 is an excellent general pc gaming key-board. Its wireless layout is terrific if you wish to decrease the number of cords on your work desk. The proprietary Logitech Romer-G tactile mechanical switches have a shallow pre-travel distance, which is good for video gaming, yet might not be optimal for typing if you’re prone to typos. Some people might also feel like the switches are a little bit mushy and do not provide a wonderful tactile bump.

Logitech G613 Software Download Windows and Mac

Logitech G613 Review

Wireless keyboards and also mechanical switches don’t fit. Or, a minimum of, they have not in the past. There are many sensible factors for the divide between both innovations, a key of which is the normal proximity between key-board and COMPUTER. Why add the extra price of a wireless user interface when the typical mech-user is much more curious about a fancy, over-the-top, loud experience, one they’ll be having at their work desk?


Whatever space the G613 saved by doing away with the USB cord, it offset its overall style. Unlike Logitech’s streamlined G810 Orion Spectrum, the G613 has an extra row of macro secrets and a significant wrist rest: The device determines 18.8 x 8.5 inches– 2 to 3 inches bigger than its competitors on both sides. It’s not a trouble in itself; however, if you don’t require macro switches or wrist rest, those are the aggravations you’ll need to endure to obtain a wireless pc gaming key-board.

The Gaming tag does feature the Logitech G613. We can not challenge that there are features that profit players, yet primarily the G613 is a full-sized beast of a mechanical keyboard, all set to take any abuse you can throw at it, and also all without needing a cable television for the PC or any various other Bluetooth tools you may wish to kind on too! Wireless keyboards have been the fad recently, and we like where this was headed.


The Logitech G613 Wireless keyboard has a lot of wonderful functions. It is a full-sized keyboard and evaluates around 1410 grams. In fact, this is one of the most comfortable wireless keyboards out there.

The design is a 104-ANSI and comes with a wrist remainder, which is a perk; nonetheless, it is not detachable. The underside of this key-board is made from plastic and also has swiveling extenders. There is additionally easy access for its receiver as well as batteries. There are additionally extra-large rubber strips on the underside to maintain the keyboard in place.

Speaking of macros, giving customers an entire column of extra keys but no way to record macros on the fly appears counterproductive. The G613 doesn’t advertise itself as a dedicated MMO keyboard, so it’s not an offer breaker, yet why offer individuals a complete column of extra keys if there’s no actual reason for them to be there? It’s an additional sign and symptom of the keyboard’s unoptimized physical layout, although there’s not much of a disadvantage in its utility.


With excellent cordless connection and also high-quality vital buttons, there had not been truly any uncertainty in my mind that the G613 would take care of games well. I put it via its rates with Overwatch, StarCraft: Remastered, The Witcher 3: Blood and also Wine, and Marvel Heroes Omega, and discovered that it managed whatever equally as well as a comparable wired model. (Side note, though: If you attach a PC to a 4K TELEVISION, do whatever you can to reduce the input lag. It’s noticeable.).

The secrets transferred my commands instantly, whether I was leading Jim Raynor against a zerg swarm or removing a giant with Geralt of Rivia’s silver sword. My only concern has to do with games that need macros, as mentioned above. Yet, if you desire a full-size mechanical key-board for a living room configuration, the G613 is currently practicing the only video game in town.

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