Logitech K400 Software Download Windows and Mac

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Logitech K400 Software, Driver, Manual, Firmware, Download – The Logitech K400 Plus is a sub-par cordless key-board with an incorporated trackpad developed for PC-to-TV home entertainment objectives. The all-plastic board shows a lot of flex rather and also torsion, and its ABS keycaps feel unsafe, yet it feels light to kind on. It isn’t a good option for programmers or gamers due to the absence of programmable keys and backlighting. However, it’s good for office use as its keying noise is extremely silent.

Logitech K400 Software Download Windows and Mac

Logitech K400 Review

Currently, the Logitech K400 Plus seems to be what we’ve constantly wanted in a house that uses the cordless keyboard. A tiny, receptive wireless keyboard, including a built-in touchpad and specialized multimedia secret. It is one of those keyboards that are large enough for typical efficiency usage yet small enough for use on a sofa or resting across the room.


On the downside, the keyboard is made out of plastic, and its tricks are held by rubber domes, therefore making the secrets less conscious touch. But then again, this is a key-board whose objective is to be used in the living-room and not for the desktop. Therefore, when taken in factor to consider of its shape, dimension, and flexibility, the K400 defeats many of its rivals and is most definitely far better than the traditional remote control.

The 3.5-inch built-in multi-touch touchpad is also a great feature of the K400. It is largely symmetrical with the remainder of the keyboard (about the same dimension as a basic touchpad for a 15-inch laptop). An essential characteristic is the larger-than-normal switches simply beneath it.


The Logitech K400 works with the Windows Operating system however does not support Android or Chrome OS.

Battery life is lower.

It has an excellent battery life of 1 year. Nevertheless, if we compare it to the competitor Logitech version, k400 plus, we familiarize that k400 has a lesser battery life than the last model.

Keyboard Dimensions.

  • The competitor keyboard K400 plus has bigger dimensions than k400.
  • Dimensions of k400: 5.35″ x 13.9″ x. 94″.
  • Dimensions of k400 plus: 5.5″ x 14″ x 1.”.

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